White Cane Day

Please join us on Wednesday October 18, 2023 for our annual White Cane Day walk and community picnic.

White Cane Day began as a mission to educate the public about blindness and how blind and visually impaired persons can live and work independently while being contributing to their communities. It is to celebrate their abilities and successes and to honor their valuable contributions they provide.

Today it is a national observance in the United States. White Cane Day is usually celebrated on October 15. Since it is named after the symbolic tool of independence, the observance is used to educate the public about blindness and how those that are visually impaired live and work independently.

Historical Day of Safety

On October 6, 1964, the U.S. Congress signed a joint resolution into law. It authorized the President of the United State to proclaim October 15 of each year as “White Cane Safety Day.” President Lyndon B. Johnson signed it within hours of the passage of the resolution, thus beginning the yearly recognition and celebration of White Cane Day.

It was note worthy that he recognized that the white cane had made others aware of what it means to the person using it. It has made the need for motorists (and others) to exercise special care. He also commended those that use them for their growing independence and determination to be self-reliant in a sighted world.

Paving the Way for Change

This humble beginning paved the way for an organized blind movement that changes the perception that sighted individuals have of the abilities of those that are blind and visually impaired. It was once unusual to observe a blind person walking down the street, now that is not true. The white cane demonstrates the wish and the will of its users to be independent. 

It is no longer unusual for the blind and visually impaired to walk down the street, shop in a store, operate machinery, or work in an office. However, more still needs to be done since there is a shockingly high rate of 70% unemployment in this special population group.

Our Celebration

We invite you to join us in an enlightening, fun walk followed by a deliciously delightful picnic. The one mile walk begins and ends at Beacon Lighthouse for the Blind. We promise a great experience and delicious food as we celebrate White Cane Day.

Our celebration will be held on Wednesday October 18, 2023. We will start gathering for the walk at 9:45a.m and will begin the walk at 10:30a.m. We will be providing more details the closer the event date is.

 If you have any additional questions regarding our event please contact Ashlee at (940) 767-0888

 Come out and show your support.